Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oil Re-serves

The apocalypse apparently IS on its way, because we've had multiple fire, natural gas explosion, and earthquake drills over the last month. As the fire alarm wailed Monday afternoon, I lead my fourth graders out to the safety of the grass as a few first graders ran next to me mimicking being blanketed in flames. While we waited in a single file line to be dismissed, two of my sweeter and more caring students decided to cash in some karmic points.
 Girl 1: Mr. Mac, are you hot?
 Me: No, why?
 Girl 2: Why would you ask that? Obviously he's sweating.
 Me (As I wipe my brow): That's not sweat, my forehead just gets oily.
 Girl 1: How do you get oil on your forehead?
 Me: I have no idea, that's just how its always been.
 Girl 2: Mr. Mac, you should lay down on the ground and we could use the oil to cook some eggs on your forehead.
Girl 1: Or you could put a can next to your head and we could collect it.
Me: Thanks ladies.

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