Thursday, May 5, 2011


I held some ridiculous notions of what Asian people were like when I was a kid, because I hardly knew anyone from that background. Many of my kids suffer from this same ignorance:
Me: Anybody do anything fun or exciting last night?
Girl: Yeah, we went to a Chinese restaurant, it was so good. BUT, we were the only Mexicans there.
Me: Sweet, I love Chinese food.
Girl: My dad was speaking Chinese to the waiter, but the waiter didn't understand what he was saying.
Me (puzzled): Does your dad know Chinese?
Girl (nonchalantly): Oh no, he was just making up words.
Me: Hmmmm...(as I decided what to respond back) The waiter probably thought your dad was making fun of him because he was making up Chinese words.
Girl (oblivious): Oh, well my sister and I were making Chinese eyes at the restaurant so that we looked like everyone else (as she used her fingers to stretch her eyes towards her ears)
Me: Yeah, you're not supposed to do that either.

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