Sunday, April 24, 2011


I was talking to my third graders about my recent trip to Coachella Music Festival over spring break and the kids had tons of questions...and not just about my trip.

Did your mom go with you?
Why is your skin peeling?
I got sunburned.
That bump on your throat creeps me out.
Every guy gets one...look forward to looking as creepy as me when yours grows in a few years.

My favorite exchange went to the boy who has a habit of producing politically incorrect statements.

Boy: Did you meet any Japan people there?
Me: Yes, I met a few Japanese people, but not many.
Boy: Were they bad guys with lots of guns like in Black Ops?
Me: No guns allowed, just glowsticks.


  1. why would there be bad guys with guns?? is my question

  2. Apparently he only knows of Japanese people from violent video games. As a result, he thinks that all Japanese are gun-wielding assassins. I thought all Asian people knew karate when I was growing up...